8 Tuff

8 Tuff

Thursday, August 18, 2011

5 Weeks out From VT 50

Am I ready for the VT 50? Im not sure. Will I ever be ready? Im not sure. Simple questions with simple answers. I have not a clue really what Im doing as far as training. No real plan, just going along with whatever I feel is necessary. I have yet hit anything longer than 20 miles. But Im doing "longer" runs back to back. So I feel like im getting the training I need as far as the running on tired legs goes. Ive yet gone 20 back to back though. Ive been doing the first day on roads then hitting up East Fork trails for the second day. And usually the second day mileage is 3 -4 miles less than the day before. Since Ive posted last I have been sick which didnt put me on the sidelines to long but did force me to go slower than usual and go shorter. But since then I have picked things back up.

2 weekends ago I did a 19 miler on Sunday and then came back with a 15 miler on Monday at EF. It was a good 2 day workout for me and pretty much my first "legit" back to back long run. I was alittle sore and dehydrated after Sundays run but was able to comeback and get a good slower run in on the trails on Monday. Ive been practicing alot with my handheld water bottle, which I think I have adapted to. Plus I like it having it out there with me.

This past weekend I did the 3rd anniversary beer mile at Roth Park. For those who do not know what a beer mile consist of, its 4 laps around a 400 meter track. And you start with chugging a beer and running a lap, and you repeat this 3 more times. So yes you chug 4 beers! I didnt get much mileage in that day but it was an awesome race. If I knew how to post a pic in this I would def post a pic of my outfit. But just think Top Hat with White buttom down shirt with bowtie and a tuxedo thong!!! YEP THATS RIGHT! Think about it again!!! haha. But I did manage to to have a 4 min PR (9:26) and did not "ralph" this time!!! But on Sat I did do the Annual Brian Rhone 5k run at NKU (my old college.) Ran a 16:26 which I was def surprised by since I have not focused on speed at all. So that was a good feeling. On Sunday morning I met up with the guys at Awakenings at 8 AM and did a 17 mile run. It was alot faster than I was wanting to go (6:40 ish pace) but it was a good simulation of running fast on tired legs. Came back on Monday morning at did a 14 mile run at a much slower pace. Legs were def alittle trashed. So this weekend I was happy with the training.

As I type this Im getting ready for a trip down the Blue Ridge Mountains in Tenn. and N.C. with Court Lilly (training partner.) Not sure of the elevation change but I know its gonna be a good run. I believe its 24 miles total and pretty much all trail. Pretty much the training run I need to get ready for this VT 50. So Im looking forward to this weekend.

Eating is still a task I need to work on. I have done alittle better but still need to focus on eating more and refueling the body for more longer runs. Maybe I wont feel as tired towards the end of these runs. Plus I need to focus alittle bit more on the nutrition I will be doing on the day of the race. Trying to decide on GU Brew or NUUN. But hopefully the next time I post I will have this all down and ready to tackle VT. Until then.