8 Tuff

8 Tuff

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mohican 50

Writing a race report after a race usually gets me pretty excited. But here I am about 1.5 weeks out from Mohican and Im still unsure how I feel about my race. Finishing 3rd and taking home some prize money is nothing to be ashamed about! I thought I had a pretty solid race (compared to VT.) But I think I might have underestimated this course, thinking that VT 50 would have been tougher. Not the case AT ALL!

Jess and I headed up late evening on Thursday to meet Court and Emily at the state park. Reaching our campsite around 9 we were ready to relax and set up camp. We talked and bullshitted for a while with Court and his parents before bed. We got up around 8:30 AM on Friday and went on a little trot on the trails with the girls. Nice and easy for about 3 miles on some of the course. The rest of the day we just fiddled around in town (for breakfast and dinner), headed to the pool for a bit, and then headed to Mohican Adventures (Start/Finish) to pick up numbers and to drop off drop bags. Got back to campsite and Court and I went over a little race strategy with his mom. She, Courts dad, Emily and Jess would be our handlers on the course. We then got to bed a decent hour, but 3:45AM alarm came early.

We got to the Start around 4:15 and used the facilities and got our water bottles ready. Talked alittle bit with few of the other 100 and 50 milers getting ready to start at 5AM. Race got started on time and we were off! There were a few people that took off like crazy but Court and I remained leveled headed and kept to our plan. (if you probably couldnt tell Court and I planned on running together the whole way until one of us couldnt hang) We did probably start faster than we anticipated but thats normal, with the nerves and the adrenaline pumping! First couple of miles were in the dark and we made use of our headlamps. Few guys out there were with out them and I have no idea how they made it with out breaking an ankle because the trail was pretty rocky in places. We got through the 1st aid station with no problems, we both topped of our water bottles and continued on. The next aid station (firestation)  was alittle bit of a haul about 6 miles. We finally got to see the girls and Courts parents. We dropped off our headlamps and I grabbed some food. I was def determined to work on my nutrition on this race. The next part of the trail was probably the hardest section, there was alot of up and down and also a part where you ran up this creek bed jumping from down limb to down limb like a cat. That creek ran you into a waterfall that had you climbing up tree roots that were about 10 ft tall. Talking about a slowing your pace down! We ended up seeing our crew again before heading down the damn(see pic) to our next aid station. We hit the covered bridge aid station in high spirits, getting some fluids and food. Getting to the next aid station at mile 21-ish seemed like it took forever! Alot of this trail was covered with pineneedles which seemed to pad the trail and make you feel like you had some bounce in your step. We came to our next aid station and they told us it as only 5 miles to the start. At this point I was alittle worried cause I was figuring we would finish the 1st loop (26.7 miles) at around 3:45 but it was gonna be closer to 4:00. So we both said screw going for time, just enjoy the rest of the race. This section was a def tough, pretty rocky trails and alot of up and downs, especially towards the end of the loop. Finally we got to the road where I knew it would take us to the start. Saw the 1st place 100 miler in front of us and then we saw Courts dad takin pics. We finally got done with our 1st loop and glad to be there and see our peeps! Jess got me reapplied with BodyGlide and got me my ipod (didnt plan on using it but just incase.) Court and I got our nutrition together and on we went for our 2nd (shorter) loop.

Second loop started a little rough, Court and I both were feeling our legs pretty good and having to climb a bit didnt help either. Court took a nasty spill and thought he broke his wrist. He stopped for a minute and so did I to make sure everything was ok. He thought he was gonna have to drop but didnt! (MAN SHIT) Finally got the next aid station and refilled bottle and took food. At this point I was def going through my fluids alot quicker. I concentrated on taking coke as well for a little sugar boost. The next part of the trail was to the firestation again. This felt like it to forever as well! Court fell alittle behind in this section. At one point I thought I might be going the wrong way cause I didnt see anyone and it just seemed like it took so long. Ended up seing courts dad in the woods taking pics, so that got me little wound up. Got up to the aid station and saw Jessie and she asked me if I needed anything and I responded with "I need new legs" haha. Later after the race she said I didnt look to happy at this point! As I was leavin the aid station I looked back to see if Court made it but didnt see hime, so I figured from then on I would have to get through this on my own. This next part of the race was shorter than the 1st loop cause we didnt have to through the section with climbing the roots and creek. It was only 2 miles until the covered bridge aid station, so I got there pretty quick. When I arrived at there I was suprised to see the 2nd place 50 miler. He was an older gent but quick. Once he saw me coming in he took off. I didnt worry much, so I got my things together with my nutrition. This aid station was also where my drop bag was so I decided to change my shirt. I was planning on changing my shoes but decided against it. I remained calm and headed out of aid station cause I knew I was gonna catch the 2nd place eventually. Which I did about a mile after the aid station, he told me good job and I the same. I was really focusing on drinking and consuming some calories, I knew I would need them towards the end. Got to the final aid station and topped of my bottle and grabbed a PB&J sqaure and some coke and took off. If I could just hold on I would finish 2nd! Well as quickly 2nd place came, it went quickly as well too! I got passed about 3.5 miles from the finish.... Total mind fuck! I felt defeated but I was just pluggin along to get to the finish. The last 2 miles was just me on auto pilot. Finally got to the road and felt a little boost of energy but not much. Saw Emily and Courts parents at the top of the road cheering. Made my way past them to the finish! Crossed the line with my watch saying 7:58. As I crossed the line the announcer said 6:50????? I was like uh? Well the official results came out and it had me just over 8:00:50. So I say sub 8! ha!

Overall I felt better than I did at the VT 50. It was def a more technical course on a hotter day as well. Still learning on what Im doing out there and trying to piece together a great race. Next up is the Hallucination 100 miler Sept 7. Alot of work needs to be done for this!