8 Tuff

8 Tuff

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Well it is a new year now and I have alot on my plate for this upcoming year. Mostly concentrating on ultra but Ill throw a few "normal" races in there as well. So far for this year I have 2 races that are already paid for. I have 8 Tuff Miles coming up in feb and then the Runwood Stock 100 miler in Sept. So the rest is up in the air but I def do have alot more in mind.

I might have a trail marathon in Indy coming up at the end of this month but its still up in the air. Its pretty crazy to think that I can just do a marathon at anytime but I have been doing some longer runs in training. I ran 20 miles on Christmas day and then did 30 miles with amanda on NYE (my birthday), we did 30 miles for my 30th birthday.

8 Tuff is set and ready to go. I did this race last year and really want to beat my time of 51:38. Its a very "tuff" course cause of the up hills at the beginning and then the down hills at the end. We have been doing our usualy Wed night run from our Newport Store and up through MT Adams and hitting all the hills around there. We did that last year and seem to help. A few of us will be headed to TN/KY to run some hills(mountains) in a week or so. Hopefully that will give us an edge come Feb.

April 1st im thinking about doing the Fools 50k near Cleveland. Its a trail ultra. Have not done a 50k yet but I think I could compete farely well in it.

Flying Pig Full could be a possibility on May 6th.

In mid June 16th I might be doing th Mohican 50 miler up in Ohio as well. I have seen this course last year when amanda and I went a paced Chuck for the 100 miler. This will be my second 50 miler if I choose to do it. I think I have a better idea on how to tackle a race like this now. Hopeully Im right!

Then on Sept 7th I will be doing the Run woodstock 100 miler in Pickney MI. Dont really know how to tackle this but Ill try. Amanda will be doing this with me, she actually challenged me to a 100 miler. Even though it seems to be that Im the current underdog, I think I can prevail. But its all about nutrition on this race. Either way its gonna be fun!

So there it is thats my thoughts about which races I have set and in mind so far. Im sure there will be additions and/or changes. So until then...........