8 Tuff

8 Tuff

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2 weeks out from VT50!

Just wanted to write a little update about how my training has come along since my last post. Even though I dont think I have any followers at the moment, but oh well! Ill just keep typing and one day followers will come I guess.

So Im currently 2 weeks out from my big adventure. The VT 50 miler in Brownsville, VT! Have to say I have never been more relaxed going into a race, than I am now. Im guessing its the lack of structure in my training. Im basically just piling on the miles and hoping it works. I have never done a ultra before so I have really no clue on how to train. I can say that I have been more consistent with hile mileage weeks than I have ever been. 70 - 80 mile weeks for sometime now! I find this very comforting when I look back at my training. I have also made a improvement in my nutrition plan and have actually practiced it. Even though Amanda will say Im not even close to the amount I should be taking and shes right. I will need to take more on raceday and I plan on it! Been using GU and Nuun on my long runs. Body seems to like it, and has worked well with it.

This past past weekend was a rough one. Did 22 miles on Friday at Eastfork on the trails. Took about 3 hours. It was a perfect day for a run, cooler and a good breeze. Felt good and strong even at the end. It was a good confident booster for me! Then on Sat morning I did 20 miles on roads through Cinci, Cov and Newport. Legs were really tight for the first 5 miles, but started to loosen up as the run went on. Ran slower than I have in a long time but I was just wanting the miles. Took a ice bath that night, but water in house is still warm. Yes the cold water is warm. So the ice melts quicker than usual. So really a 22lb bag of ice got me 10 min. In the winter I can get 20-25 min easily with that size! Oh well, I also been wearing my SKINS more too.

This week started taper for me. I think my body and especially my mind needs it. One thing I have noticed though is my motivation was lacking for awhile. Dont know if its been all the miles or what. But it was getting harder and harder to get out the door. Amanda had her Ironman 2 weeks ago(which she did awesome in) and that reignited my motivation to a new high. Just watching all those people finish a marathon after a 2.4 mile swim and 112 mile bike is just insane! Basically all I need to think about is that and I can get my ASS out of bed for a 10 mile run. As of now I really cant wait to get out the door! Plus I just got a new pair of Saucony Kinvaras today (my 5th pair) so thats always a good reason to get a run in.

Thats it for now and hopefully I get another post in before the race!