8 Tuff

8 Tuff

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hallucination 100 training 2 weeks out!

We are just over 2 weeks out of my first attempt at a 100 mile race (Hallucination 100.) Not knowing exactly how to train for one, I think Ive done a "ok" job. When I say ok I mean Ive probably could have done some things different now looking back on my running log. But too late now, I just have to go with it. There is also a big life change for me as well. For the last few months Ive toyed with the idea of going vegetarian to see if it helps with training, and I actually made the jump on July 1st. Matt (my roomate) originally were just going to give up meat for the month of July, which I completed successfully. Matt only lasted about a week. After the month was up, I was noticing more energy and I didnt have that constant feeling of having something in my stomach everytime I ran. So now Im also 2 months without meat and loving every bit of it! Even though I gave up meat to be more healthy, I probably could work on my meals even more. For example last night I had Tofurkey Italian Sausages on a toasted wheat bun and topped it with cole slaw and Grippo's Bbq potato chips!!! Yeah, not so healthy but so worth it!!!! Ive been eating alot of rice, beans, veggies, and sweet potato's. It def makes you be more creative with your dinner options. Some people have asked me why I chose to do this when I also do Ultra's that normally demands you to consume a whole bunch of calories. Jessica has been a vegetarian for about 2.5 years now and sort of gave me the motivation to finally do it instead of just keep talking about it. Sompe people think I did it cause of her, which isnt entirely true. Of course its easier at dinner time for both of us to make one meal instead of 2 meals. But I was mostly concerned about the training aspect of it. Ok, enough talk about that.

Training for this race has been an adventure to say the least. Ive hit trails more now than I have ever done before and absolutely love it! Have been out to East Fork with the guys most Sundays and then at Mt Airy with Cohen (training for JFK) on weekday mornings. Ive done enough back to back long runs to make you sick! I tried to normally do these back to backs on my own so I could get use to being alone when Im tired. Jessican and I went out to the Black Hills of South Dakota for a week for a lil R&R. Didnt get a whole lot of running but did get some quality trail time in. We both summited Harneys Peak (7300 ft.) I ran all of it and Jessica ran/walk it. The Peak is the highest elevation between the Rocky Mnts to the Atlantic Ocean.

 View from Harney Peak looking NW, I believe.

We also got a good run in on the Mickelson trail in Hill City SD, which is at 5000 ft. Nice crushed gravel trail that is 100 miles long. I went about 8 miles and Jessica did 6. Jessica had a close call with a "wolf" like dog. She said it just stared her down and went off. Theres actually alot of wildlife out there, especially mountain lions! I did some research before we went out and it said they are more night life active, but after talking to a local running store they are very active all day long. SHIT!!!

  I didnt really do any speed at all. Im not totally confident yet to incorporate that into my longer runs. Maybe next year when I get a better handle on my training. Really the only speed thing I did was trying to "race" the east fork dirt days after running 22 miles the night before and running 1.5 hrs before the race. Make a long story short, I dropped out after 5.5 miles (first loop.) My body and mind were pretty fried. In hindsight I probably should have kept going no matter what my pace would have been. But whatever! I believe my training has been good enough to get me through at a decent time. Shooting for 24 hrs is my main goal but finishing would be acceptable for my first one.

Well thats pretty much all I have for now. Im sure you will hear more from me after the race!