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8 Tuff

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Trails Trails Trails

I dont know if it could get any more hotter than it has been lately here in the Nati! Calling for some serious heat this next coming week and plus its been just as hot the last couple of weeks. Uping my mileage too during this heat has been almost unbearable but it makes it so much more important to hydrate and make sure I eat right. Recently I have been taking my hand-held water bottle with me on my runs, even though the guys I run with make fun of me. So I really have no problem hydrating but the eating part is not my best attribute. Ask Amanda!! haha. Shes constantly reminding me to eat and consume more than I have been doing. I feel bad though cause I normally try to remind myself to eat while at work but sometimes we get busy with customers or store related stuff I forget. I know its a huge part of training and I need to start taking it more seriously!

I think I have made up my mind on what 50 miler I am doing. Its called the Vermont 50 (trail) on Sept 25th. Its up in Brownsville VT. Heard its pretty beautiful up there around that time. All I need to do is reg. now. I do have to admit I am a little hesitant about it cause I never ever ran that far before. 26.2 being the furthest. Scratch that, I just went ahead a Registered!!! Better start hitting the trails!!

Speaking of trails I actually have been running them at least once a week. 2 weeks ago I met my buddy Court (and avid runner and even more avid trail runner) out at East Fork State Park. He grew up running these trails so I thought who else better to run with than someone like him. Really having no idea what to expect from the trails, you would at least think i would wear trail shoes BUT no I didnt! Had my hardly used Adidas Bostons light weight trainer on. When Court saw this, he looked at me and just laughed. He didnt say a word but I knew his laugh meant...... "Your Screwed!" These trails are single track mountain bike trails, so there isnt alot of flat ground to run on. It actually wasnt that bad. It hadnt rain in a couple of days, so it wasnt muddy at all. We ended up running somewhat easy for about 11 miles. I had a good first impression of the trails.

The next week I met him and a couple other guys out at the Cincinnati Nature Preserve. Once again still in my Bostons cause I felt good in them last time. These trails were somewhat wider and more manicured. There was some wet spots but nothing to get worried about. These trails were way more hillier than the ones at EF. But once again we took it easier and we did 12 miles! Another good run on some trails.

This past Sunday I did race the East Fork Back Pack Run that was 10.8 miles (even though Court said it was def more than 10.8 miles.) Yes I did it in my Bostons!!!  I drove there with Amanda. Met up with Court and a few others there. Did a 2 mile warm up on trails. The race started straight uphill on a road. Lasted about 1/4 mile before you dove on to the trails. It was a 2 lap course. I found myself leading right off the line. I figured what better way to learn to race on the trails than to lead my first one!!! Stupid Idea! Started off probably alittle too fast. But I lead the whole first loop with Court and another guy right on my heels. Which in my mind went by pretty quick. Court was pretty much being a aid to me and letting me know when turns and creeks would come up. After the first loop, Court passed me and didnt look back. I made a effort to stay with him as long as I could. But after the all those people that ran on it after us the trails got pretty muddy!! When I say muddy I mean MUDDY! To a point that I had to alsmost stop on some turns just so I wouldnt fly head first into a tree! But yes its my fault for not wearing trail shoes. But after Court passed me the guy that was also hanging on actually fell off. So I was in second all alone the rest of the race. My pace did suffer from the mud but I was happy with my race. Finished 2nd with a time of 1:13:23. My prize....... a free pair of TRAIL SHOES!!! hahaha.

So the last few weeks my body has been responding to the trails. Not always good but not always bad either. I just have to get more time on the trails. Im also trying to maintain some speed also by still keeping up on track workouts.

Other than running life is good! Off to hit the trails again....... well I might wait till it cools down first!

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